Unroll.Me - iOS App


Clean up your inbox from anywhere! Instantly see a list of all your subscription emails and unsubscribe easily from whatever you don’t want. You can also choose to combine emails you’d like to still keep getting (but just not clutter your inbox) into a daily digest email called the Rollup and it’ll get sent out to you daily at your preferred time. No more distractions or inbox chaos.


Unroll.Me has been around since 2011 and its presence has always been on the web. A mobile app, especially an iOS app had always been the #1 requested item from its users. In 2015, we finally took on that task to give its millions of users what they wanted. Our goal for this app design was to improve upon the existing web app. We wanted to still stay true to the simplicity of the product, in helping users clean their inbox of unwanted email subscriptions, but also bring the experience of email editing up a notch in mobile by adding more context to what they may be editing with more visuals/imageries and adding a bit of delightfulness to the experience. We felt that if we can execute this well, we can gain more users and satisfy our existing users’ needs and give them another way to declutter their inboxes on the go.

My role

The team consisted of 2 product managers, one iOS engineer and myself. We also worked with an outside agency on the redesign of the Unroll.Me logo and a mobile app consultant, to help us get featured by Apple upon launch of this mobile app. I led the design of this entire app design, working with all stakeholders, coming up with various flows, iconographies, color palettes, wireframes and visual/interaction designs before finding the right combination to make everything work.


The end result was a mobile app featuring a new editing interface very similar to the popular dating app, Tinder. Users can swipe left, right and up to sort their emails. Users can also view their daily digest (the Rollup) of emails they still want to keep but not clog up their inbox right within the mobile app, delivered to them once a day at their preferred time. As a result, upon launch it was featured as one of Apple’s Best New Apps in the App Store, as well as in the Productivity category. The app also reached #1 in Productivity and #7 overall. Over 527,000 new users signed up in the first 3 months after launch and to date, there are over 2 million downloads on iOS.

See the full app video

This onboarding flow (below) gets users signed on quickly and interact with the main feature as it looks for all their email subscriptions in the background. See UserOnboard.com’s review of this onboarding design

Other finished screens

Early wireframes and visual explorations

all work