Gluco Mio - Diabetes iOS App Concept


This app concept was part of an 80/20 project at MedHelp (now StayWell). It took 4 separate full days spread over 4 weeks, working with an iOS engineer to complete from initial concept to final development. The goal was to utilize the existing modules (calendar, data input, etc) currently available in other MedHelp apps and create a diabetes mobile app to help users manage their diabetes; taking the hassle out of entering in daily blood sugar levels, glucose, carbs, as well as any other symptoms, treatments and/or events. Users can share these data inputs with their doctors if needed and/or see how they're doing over a period of time, etc.

I left MedHelp shortly after the completion of this project. The app went through a few iterations and launched after my departure. It is available today both on iOS and Android. The overall design is still true to the original concept.

This app concept was featured in a VentureBeat article.

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