hello, i'm mai!

I am a visual/UI/UX/product designer with over 10 years of experience. I've had the pleasure of designing and launching multiple products for both mobile, web and wearables across a variety of categories ranging from health & fitness to shopping, productivity and transportation. Some of these products include mobile apps for consumers that have a total combine download number of over 10 million and featured numerous times by both Apple and Google in their app stores; some having been awarded Editors Choice and/or Best New App. I love design and everything that goes with it; whether from initial stages brainstorming ideas and drawing out sketches to figuring out what the visual design, user interactions and experiences will be like, putting the final touches on something or reiterating designs based on data and user feedbacks, it's always fun, exciting and a great challenge.

Random Fun Facts: I run most mornings (once ran everyday for 110 straight days), loves to bake (cookies, pies, cakes... anyone?) and will travel/run for food (mostly pastries and ice cream, but still, yeah 😆).